In 2017 Kane Leonard played in the Queensland State Special Olympics at Headland Golf Club and won lvel 5 in Division 2. This entitled him to an invitation to play at Adelaide Shores in the national games in Adelaide this year. At Adelaide there were 2 levels represented. Level 4 play 9 holes per day unassisted, and level 5 play 18 holes per day unassisted. Level 5 is further split into 3 divisions based on GA handicap. It was an open event for all ages and Kane was by far the youngest player in the field. Kane shot, off the stick 89, 82, 91 nett 73, 66, 75. This won the nett and gross for division 2. Bringing home GOLD. World games are next year in Dubai, however Kane is too young to compete. Thanks to the Bay Islands Golf Club committee for approving a donation of $3400 towards the costs on the trip – money well spent for our young star. Well done Kane. PS Just to follow up on such a wonderful result Kane is a member of the Division 2 Pennants team who will be playing for the pennant flag this Sunday.


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